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Spring 2016

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  • University News
  • Upending the Cycle of Trauma
  • ‘Painting Dreams’; Student’s documentary about peer wins award, displays talent of both artists
  • The Children’s Trauma Assessment Center at WMU uncovers the impact of child abuse and neglect. Its clinicians evaluate children affected by trauma and have trained some 85,000 people to work with traumatized youths.
  • Kennedy Center Bound Dance students are set to perform a professor’s honored work at a national festival in Washington, D.C.
  • A Salty Dilemma; A researcher investigates the effects of road salt runoff inlakes. Hint: It’s not good.
  • Expert Insights
  • Inside Iran; Few other Westerners have experienced Iran as anthropologist Erika Friedl has in 50 years of fieldwork.
  • In Print
  • Creating a Connected World; WMU launches the Internet of Things lab and mentors the next embedded-tech innovators
  • College News
  • Alumni Profile
  • Classnotes
  • In Memoriam

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