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Summer 2016

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  • Freshwater specialists WMU, NMC add to the next wave of water experts
  • A history of diversions Controlling the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Basin
  • The watery view from 310 miles up Scientist uses twin satellites as few others do
  • From music to the Marines to microbiology Doctoral student racks up awards in her latest pursuit
  • Honing HeroRATs Prof’s work with heroic rodents nets humanitarian award
  • Advertising multiracial identity What happens when ads go beyond white and black
  • Meet WMU’s Health DReAM team They use science to boost community well-being
  • A view into virtual schools Authors of study say the struggle is real
  • Crunching crash data What’s the true impact of speed in wrecks?
  • University News
  • Expert Insights
  • Research File
  • Alumni Profile

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