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Winter 2017

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  • WMU's own 'Good Pet U'
  • Empowering Innovation: Big gift bolsters new product design program
  • What’s the Weather like on Saturn?: NASA fellow models off-world storms
  • Sound Talent: Meet the next maestros of multimedia arts technology
  • Like-minded: Living Living Learning Communities boost student success
  • Programs to ‘Takeoff’ in Florida Aviation: health sciences programs are in the works
  • Haiti’s Future President?: Ph.D. student aspires to helm nation’s recovery
  • Supporting the Craft: Local craft beer biz a boon for future brewers
  • Solar-powered Education: New solar plant generates more than clean energy
  • Automotive R & D: Auto testing lab upgraded to world-class facility
  • Paper that Purifies: Filter perfected at WMU could provide clean water for millions
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