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  • Rising Stars in Research: WMU’s talented researchers generate bold ideas and real-world solutions that address some of society’s most critical needs.
  • Algorithms for Life: Computational scientist’s work could advance personalized medicine
  • An ‘Exciting World of Discovery:’ Biologist revels in regeneration research and student researchers
  • Demystifying the Universe: Physicist explores novel ideas about nuclear dynamics
  • An Eye for Regeneration: Developed at WMU, technique aids study of a flatworm’s special ability
  • From Soldier to Scientist: Wounded veteran-turned-researcher pursues the Holy Grail of neuroscience—how to regenerate damaged brain cells
  • Engineered for Brain Science: One graduate’s atypical path to studying the body’s ‘final frontier’
  • Innovative by Design: Student leaders spur innovation, enterprise and ‘design thinking’
  • A Virtual World for Flight: Aviation profs explore next-gen learning tools for next-gen pilots
  • A Bandage So ‘Smart’ it Communicates: But that’s not all. It also medicates on demand.
  • Safe Sleep. Safer Babies. Med school associate dean seeks to improve safe sleep education
  • A Boost to Keep Succeeding: Alliance among research universities unleashes student talent
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