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Winter 2018

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  • Student-Powered Clinical Care - By helping real patients with real problems, student practitioners in WMU’s Unified Clinics learn early in their education the power of their future professions.
  • Clinics That Care - A collective of 10 outpatient clinics at WMU trains students, provides specialty care to thousands of patients annually and serves as an incubator for investigating therapeutic techniques
  • ‘Holistic’ Hearing Help - A little girl gets the comprehensive care her parents learned about, and she finally hears with clarity
  • She Returned to Serve - A clinic’s commitment to community drew alumna audiologist back to her academic home
  • Trevor’s Story - Before treatment, he could not say a word
  • Not Merely Picky Eaters - Help for kids who refuse to eat many—and sometimes most—foods is here
  • Another Chance in Sight - Offering a range of services unique in its region, a clinic serves low-vision patients to maximize their remaining eyesight
  • Empathy Across the Ages - Students move into assisted-living, and intergenerational understanding begins to blossom
  • To Heal and to Learn - Where medical students gain knowledge and give back
  • Expert Insights
  • In Tempo
  • Alumni Profile
  • Classnotes
  • In Memoriam

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