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• Pushing, pulling, twisting limits some product's usefulness, study says • Kellogg Foundation grant focuses on strengthening preparation of administrators • Investigating all financial aid options a must today • College of Health and Human Services has long tradition of service, academic excellence • Number of freshman applications up about 30 percent • 'Traditional' students becoming more 'nontraditional' • Choosing a good health club, requires expending energy • Dybek named one of thirteen Michiganians of the Year • Robots getting a bad rap because of improper use, robotics specialist says • Medical science could reverse trend toward sexual equality • Three alumni charting new mathematics and •science teaching territory • Seasons end for hockey, cross country, basketball teams; several &ne performances noted • Five talented Western athletes gain widespread recognition • Plan today to get away during the winter of 1988 • Regional gatherings planned • Special evening scheduled for Detroit area alumni • New tax law significantly affects your charitable contributions • Alumnotes