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This is a group photograph of the American WPA secretaries and their families who had just left Germany in February 1917, after the United States broke off diplomatic relations with the German Empire. The group traveled to Lausanne where some continued WPA work with the World's Alliance and others transferred to war work with the Allied armies. The individuals in the photograph included: 1) Lewis Dunn; 2) Mrs. Alfred Lowry; 3) Alfred Lowry; 4) Louis Wolferz; 5) Mrs. Lewis Dunn and Betty Dunn; 6) Joseph Wehner; 7) A. R. Siebens; 8) Mrs. Conrad Hoffman and Louise Hoffman (holding the teddy bear); 9) Spencer Kennard; 10) J. Gustav White; 11) Carl Michel; and 12) Mrs. Gustav White. It is interesting that the WPA secretaries were able to bring their wives and daughters with them to Germany in support of their mission. Of the transfers, Wehner was killed in France in 1918.


Germany, YMCA, War Prisoners' Aid, Switzerland, Lewis Dunn, Alfred Lowry, Louis Wolferz, Joseph Wehner, A.R. Siebens, Spencer Kennard, J. Gustav White, Carl Michel, World War 1914-1918