Conceptual Scope of the ICAD Conference Theme:

Governance can be conceived as traditions and institutions by which authority in a country is exercised. This includes how governments at national and local levels are selected, monitored and replaced, including their capacity to formulate and implement sound policies, provide public services, and gain the respect of citizens and institutions that determine economic and social interactions (Kaufmann 2010). The World Bank identifies the following six core governance indicators (

  1. Voice and accountability
  2. Political stability and absence of violence
  3. Government effectiveness
  4. Regulatory quality
  5. Rule of law
  6. Control of corruption

Governance is a theme of growing importance across local, national and global levels, as recent social and political movements have shown: from the Occupy Wall Street Movement in the United States to the Arab Spring, and the more recent Ukrainian uprisings. Governance involves multiple sectors including states, civil society, markets and community. From the human development perspective, good governance is a major means for sustainable development, reducing poverty, and reducing conflict and violence.

Countries with good governance are efficient in delivery of public services, follow the rule of law, have inclusive institutions that are responsive to needs of citizens, are transparent, have respect for their citizens, and allow freedom of the press and freedom of expression. Autocratic governments cannot meet all or even some of the aforementioned human services, and in most cases, drive conflict and wars around the world. Good governance for development is a theme of growing importance in Africa for the 21st Century. Some African states experiencing rapidly growing new sectors, such as youth and women, play a role in changing the culture, economy, the environment and politics. The future will be based on the quality of education given to the 70 percent of Africans that constitutes the youth sector, which makes governance of education at all levels for sustainable development critical.

Based on conceptual framework and theme noted above, Abstracts along the following and related topics are invited. Case study and comparative and historical papers are also welcome.

  • The relationship between good governance, democracy and peace
  • The challenge of academic diversity and inclusiveness in higher education institutions
  • The necessary institutional conditions for good governance
  • The human cost and experiences of North African and Arab uprisings
  • The impact of rapid growth in democracies and non-democracies
  • Governance of land and natural resources: blessing or curse?
  • African land sales to foreign investors: its impact on local livelihoods
  • Governance and leadership sectors such as agriculture, education, health and energy
  • The role of African political parties in good governance
  • The role of civil society groups in good governance
  • The role of the private sector in good governance
  • The governance of higher education institutions
  • The role of good governance in foreign relations including border states
  • The impact of governance on regional and international migration of citizens.
  • Can Africa reverse brain drain to brain gain using globalization and information technology and other forms of effective global engagement in the 21st century?
  • The tradition and patterns of autocratic governments in Africa and around the world
  • The relationship between religions and governance
  • Good governance to achieve food security and eliminate hunger
  • The ethics of good governance and leadership
  • China in Africa and its impact on governance and sustainable development
  • The role of governance in creating employment for women and youth
  • Governance for sustainable technology and climate change
  • African aviation governance and sustainability
  • Challenges and experiences of promoting sustainable energy for Africa
  • Other relevant topics related to role of good governance and leadership