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International Conference on Contemporary Development Issues in Ethiopia, August 16-18, 2001, Kalamazoo, Michigan

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Since the beginning of the nineties, Ethiopia has been experiencing significant political, economic and social changes. Despite the efforts of the Ethiopian government to strengthen market economy mechanisms and to decentralize and regionalize decision making structures, the country is still facing a number of problems such as poverty, soil degradation, regional conflicts etc. The elaboration of sound development strategies is essential to promote economic growth, and to alleviate poverty in the context of limited resources. In brief, the economy is undergoing the process of transformation in all most all the fields. In this context, the paper is an attempt to understand the process of transition and its implications in Ethiopian economy. The study focused the issues such as institutional development and socio economic changes that are taking place in Ethiopia since 1992 economic reforms. Furthermore, the study assessed the economic structural changes at national level as well as the strengths and weaknesses and elaborated regional and structural strategies for Ethiopia.