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International Conference on Development Studies in Ethiopia, July 11-12, 2003, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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In Sub Sahara Africa, where the process of economic growth is almost enigmatic, schooling is being considered, in most parts of the region, as a factor that may help resolve the mystery. This paper aims at examining the degree of growth effect of schooling in this region. Following the endogenous growth model developed by Lucas (1988) that considers human capital as one factor of production and schooling as means of human capital accumulation, two results of schooling are explicitly stated: accumulation of privately owned and publically owned human capital. By developing a growth estimating equation containing these two types of schooling results from the model and confronting the equation with empirical data from Sub Sahara Africa, the hypothesis that schooling has got growth effect is tested. The analytic result suggests that in the region, during the covered period of study, only part of schooling that leads to accumulation of communally owned human capital is associated with per capita income growth.