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Spring 2020


Plan It 4-Ward is a tool that students can use to strategically plan their path to graduation while considering specific areas impacting the overall college experience: Academic, Career, Engagement, Financial, and Well-being. The idea is to plan in multiple areas while continuing to move 4-ward. Plan It 4-Ward is introduced to students in the First-Year Experience course, and students are encouraged to continue use of the tool beyond the first semester. The purpose of this assessment project was to: 1) Identify whether students found the tool useful in their first semester; 2) Understand if students continued to utilize the tool beyond the first semester, how they engaged with the tool; and 3) Examine whether students were encouraged to use the tool across campus, especially in offices that directly relate to the identified areas.


Ms. Andrea Bau, from the College of Education and Human Development Office of Admissions and Advising, Mr. Steve Booher, from the Office of Student Transitions, and Ms. Fanny Hernandez De Alvarez, a WMU doctoral candidate in the Evaluation, Measurement and Research Program, created this poster to share information about their assessment project. They were the recipients of one of the 2019-20 WMU Assessment Fellows Grants to conduct research on assessment of student learning outcomes.