Fred Sammons, PhD (Hon), OT, FAOTA

Fred Sammons, PhD (Hon), OT, FAOTA


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Fred Sammons, PhD (Hon), OT, FAOTA is a dedicated contributor to the growth of the profession of occupational therapy. His background in engineering and his dedication to helping people with disabilities engage in self care, leisure, and social pursuits led him to work closely with occupational therapists. The honorary doctorate in occupational therapy, awarded by the Western Michigan University (WMU) Department of Occupational Therapy, recognizes the many contributions he has made to the profession. In his early years, he pioneered the design, manufacture, and distribution of adaptive equipment, collaborating with occupational therapists and patients to identify needs and to generate product ideas. Additionally, Sammons provided the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) with its first computer, demonstrating that he has always had an eye on the future and technological advances.

The recipient of many honors from AOTA, he continues to give to the profession through grants, scholarships, and donations that support research, education, and clinical programs. In his retirement, he has been an active member of AMBUCS, Inc., with whom he collaborates to develop designs for adapted bicycles and tricycles (AmTrykes) for children with disabilities. He expresses great pride in his innovative seating system and in the ways in which he has been able to adapt these bikes to each child’s needs. His love for innovation and technology that help others has been present throughout his life and continues today.

Fred Sammons, PhD (Hon), OT, FAOTA