St. Denis in Antwerp: Hagiographica in a Protestant Play


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In the comparative study of medieval drama, the Dutch plays of the :fifteenth and sixteenth centuries-the era of the Rhetoricians- have scarcely attracted any attention. For example, The Saint Play in Medieval Europe does not have a chapter on Dutch examples of this genre1 although several apostle plays appear in the rich heritage of the late medieval Dutch drama texts. The best known of these apostle plays is the Spel van Sinnen van dWerck der Apostelen, written by the Antwerp playwright and poet Willem van Haecht (c.1530-1612).2 Van Haecht, a factor or principal poet of the chamber of rhetoric De Violieren, became known for his Lutheran convictions, while dWerck der Apostelen, performed in 1563 and 1564, is a trilogy of plays which dramatizes Acts 16-28.

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