"A beggar's book Outworths a noble's blood": The Politics of Faction in Henry VIII


In lieu of an abstract, the first paragraph of the essay follows:

Seeking to encourage investment in a Scottish gold mine early in his reign in England, King J runes I offered to reward investors with specially designated knighthoods: if twenty-four substantial gentlemen would venture £300 sterling apiece, each was ''to have the honour of Knighthood bestowed uppon him, and so for ever to be called the Knight of the Golden Mynes, or the Golden Knight." Supporters of the plan, associates of the projector Bevis Bulmer, expressed confidence that "the King's Majesties Plott" would make James "the richest Monarch in Europe, yea in the Worlde"-and for no cost "but only a stroke with his sword upon the shoulder of man. "1

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