Staging L'Omme Pecheur and The Castle of Perseverance


In this article I should like to provide a comparative study of the staging of L' Omme Pecheur and The Castle of Perseverance.1 It may well be that the English play of c.1400-25, in some way not easily explained, was influenced by the French techniques in staging the moralités such as L' Omme which are roughly contemporary with it. My ultimate purpose is to suggest that the theatrical resources implied in the two chosen texts are remarkably similar, and that this in tum suggests that acting styles may well have been similar. To provide an adequate analysis I shall have to look briefly at the mystères, at L' Omme Pecheur itself, which is a play not much discussed, at The Castle of Perseverance, and at tournaments. En route I shall make occasional references to the Cornish plays which touch my main purpose in a number of ways.

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