Granville Barker's Production of The Winter's Tale (1912)


In lieu of an abstract, the first paragraph of the essay follows:

Granville Barker's 1912 production of The Winter's Tale is considered to be a landmark not only in the stage history of the play but also in the history of Shakespeare production. Dennis Kennedy writes that "it is one of the four or five most important Shakespeare productions of this century" and that as the first of them "it has an undeniable place in the theatre history of our time."1 Although the historical evidence will be re-assessed in this study, it would be time ill spent to attempt to add any new information about the performance to. the wealth of detail amassed by Dennis Bartholomeusz, J. L. Styan, Norman Marshall, and Kennedy among others .. Rather, an attempt will be made to re-evaluate the production in the context of the period and to account for the great success that it has enjoyed among theater historians.

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