Memorial Reconstruction in a Cornish Miracle Play


In lieu of an abstract, the first paragraph of the essay follows:

Whitley Stokes, the editor of the medieval Comish saint's play Beunans Meriasek (which has received critical attention by Robert T. Meyer, Comparative Drama, 3 [1969], 54-64), also published an edition of a Cornish miracle play to which he gave the title Gwreans an Bys (The Creation of the World).1 This play (MS. Bodley 219) is, however, actually entitled The Creacion of the World; the first dale of playe. (Although the text itself is in Cornish, the title and stage-directions are English.) The colophon states that the play was wryten by William Jordan the 12th August 1611. For this reason it is often known as "Jordan's Creation."

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