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Doctor of Philosophy


Teaching, Learning, and Leadership


Standards are sweeping across the physical education teacher education field. The purpose of this study was to investigate whether national standards had influenced a change of curriculum, and whether curriculum changes were related to standards, individual or institutional variables. The analysis will also identify whether there are any individual and institutional characteristics that are significant predictors for determining curriculum. This study's targeted participants are a random sample of 110 program directors working in institutions that have a Physical Education Teacher Education program.

Differences were found to exist in directors' perceptions regarding curriculum. Descriptive statistics and ANOVA analysis demonstrated the impact of standards on curriculum changes. Technology has yielded a significant impact on changes in teaching, curriculum, and content selection. The Pearson correlation indicated that planning and instruction is significantly correlated with course changes. Multiple regressions revealed that reflection was a significant positive predictor (P = 0.005) and planning and instruction was a significant negative predictor (P = 0.005) for course changes. These predictors accounted for 20.4% ofvariance.

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