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Doctor of Education


Teaching, Learning, and Leadership


The research study examines teachers' perspectives on leadership and Organizational Culture in elementary schools within the state of Michigan. Teachers respond to more than 90 survey questions from the Leadership Practices Inventory and the Instructional Climate Inventory.

The purpose of the study is to determine the relationship that exists between Transformational Leadership and Organizational Culture. The study also considers school size as an interval variable. Statistical tests used to determine possible relationships include F-Tests, T-Test and Canonical Correlations.

Findings suggest that additional studies may be warranted based on particular subscales of Transformational Leadership and also size as it relates to teachers' perception of leadership at different school levels/settings. Based on the aforementioned instruments used for statistical analysis, the overall relationship between culture and leadership were proven to be inconclusive. However, small schools were found to be statistically significant at the .05 level of significance for three pairwise comparisons on school size for subscales in leadership.

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