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The present research consists of two studies designed to (a) identify those institutional characteristics that African-American students, themselves, consider to evaluate the campus environment of predominately White colleges and universities (PW'CUs). and (b) examine the relationship between African-American students' perceptions o f the campus environment at a PWCU (based on institutional characteristics) and their expectations of quality of life and academic achievement In Study One. African-American and White students at Western Michigan University and high school seniors at two public high schools completed the Campus Climate Survey, designed to identify the institutional characteristics to which African- American students spontaneously attend when forming impressions of the campus environment at predominately White colleges and universities (PWCUs) In Study Two. African-American and White participants read about a PWCU described in terms of those characteristics as having a favorable, unfavorable, or neutral campus environment. .After reading the description, participants reported their expected quality of life and academic performance at that PWCU. I found a significant difference between the expected outcomes of White and African-American students The favorableness of the campus environment did not influence White students' p expectations regarding social integration and academic performance African- American students, however, expected higher levels of social integration and better academic performance at the PWCU with a more favorable campus environment R e

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