Date of Award


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


Public Affairs and Administration

First Advisor

Dr. Barbara S. Liggett

Second Advisor

Dr. Matthew S. Mingus

Third Advisor

Dr. Alan G. Walker


Distance education courses offered by community colleges and other higher education institutions are becoming popular options for students who seek a more convenient method to obtain a college education. Community colleges are actively expanding their offerings of distance education courses, both nationally and in Michigan. Yet minimal research has been conducted on a large scale to discover the factors which contribute to satisfaction with distance education courses at community colleges.

This study consists of a cross-sectional survey of over 6000 Michigan community college students in Michigan, who completed a distance education courseduring the fall semester of 2002. Sixteen of Michigan's 28 public community colleges participated in the study. Over 1200 students responded to the survey, and the results indicated that the key factors related to student satisfaction include the perceived amount of information learned, instructor feedback,satisfaction with the technology used to deliver the course, the quality of the course materials, and the final grade received.

Access Setting

Dissertation-Open Access