Date of Award


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy



First Advisor

Dr. Joseph W. McKean

Second Advisor

Dr. John A. Kapenga

Third Advisor

Dr. Daniel P. Mihalko

Fourth Advisor

Dr. Joshua D. Naranjo


Computer simulation procedures have become a staple of research and development in many fields, including statistics. The generation of pseudo random number sequences is the core of computer simulation procedures. Validity of research results often depend on the underlying validity of the generator being used.

In this work we develop the machinery for a class of tests of spatial uniformity based on a multi-dimensional Fourier transform of the empirical probability density function. The test can be adapted to specific requirements and has the added advantage that it has computational complexity that is relatively independent of the number of data points being analyzed.


Fifth Advisor: Dr. Robert J. Buck

Access Setting

Dissertation-Open Access