All Roads

Date of Award


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Doctor of Philosophy



First Advisor

Thisbe Nissen

Second Advisor

Dr. Nancy Eimers

Third Advisor

Dr. Christopher Nagle

Fourth Advisor

Dr. Daniel Orozco


Short stories, creative writing


All Roads is a collection of short fiction exploring the contradictions of desire as a primary force in relationships, the perception of individual identity, and the potential for individual and relational creativity. Characters in these stories struggle, with varying degrees of consciousness, with the specters of their earliest intimacies and how these shape their present longings, anxieties, grandiosities, and fantasies. Though grounded in a realist tradition, the stories are attentive to the irreal, surreal, perhaps more-real-than-real nature of our attachments to concepts like love, security, belonging, and home, and the friction between these deeply personal realities and others equally salient—those of basic survival, of the confrontation with other people, of the political writ small and large.


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