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The purpose o f this study was to learn more about the validity o f the ADHD portion of the NIMH-DISCIV. In order to accomplish this goal, 58 youth participants were divided into three groups: (1) subjects who met criteria for ADHD based upon both the youth and the caretaker versions of the DISC; (2) subjects who met criteria for ADHD based upon the caretaker DISC, but not according to the youth DISC; and (3) subjects who did not meet criteria for ADHD according to either the youth or the caretaker DISC. Subjects in these groups were compared across parent checklists, teacher checklists, and adolescent checklists. Also, clinician diagnosis and several independent measures of behavior, such as a lab task, behavioral output as measured by an activity monitor, and a structured observation were compared across groups. Results indicated that both adult and youth report on the DISC agreed with clinician diagnosis, and that adult report, teacher report, and activity monitor data were most concurrent with DISC group placement.

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