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Doctor of Education


Educational Leadership

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Dr. David Cowden

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Dr. Steven Rhodes

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Dr. Van Cooley


Teacher selection is a complex, critical school personnel function. School leaders in Michigan’s districts will be hiring more teachers as projected enrollment increases and pending teacher retirements combine to open teaching positions. This study examined the effectiveness of teacher selection practices as they compared to selection methods described in administrative textbooks, journal articles, and research studies.

Thirty-six Michigan elementary principals reported their school building and district selection procedures. Qualitative analysis focused on their transcribed responses to interview questions about the aspects of teacher selection. The principals represented public schools that combined varying grade levels of kindergarten through sixth grade.

Thirteen aspects of the selection practices reported by principals were compared to recommendations developed from the literature. All of the principals’ reported selection practices need improvement in order to comply with best recommended procedures. Principals’ responses compared most favorably on the selection responsibility criterion. Over half of the respondents reported selection practices in which school staffs participated in teacher selection. This indicates that teacher selection has become a more site-based activity for many school districts.

Selectors have emphasized traits like personality and enthusiasm in favor of more comprehensive assessments of candidates’ teaching abilities. Trained selection teams must plan thorough procedures and establish criteria that assess candidates as future teachers. Appropriate selection decisions will have a positive impact on teaching and learning in the next century.

School administrators should place a higher priority on teacher selection for future needs. Staff teams at building sites should have selection responsibilities. With added site responsibilities, principals and other team members need training in proper selection methods.

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