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Doctor of Philosophy



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Dr. Irma López

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Dr. Michael Millar

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Dr. Patricia Montilla

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Dr. Gabriela Polit


Literature ecuatoriana, Ecuadorian literature, novels, escritoras ecuatorianas, Ecuadorian writers, twenty-first century


During the last three decades the literary production of women writers in Ecuador has been increasing considerably. Even with this growing number of novels, the academic community has taken a minimal interest in this new fiction. Existing research has only briefly mentioned the works of female Ecuadorian writers. In response to this lack of academic research, my dissertation examines the novels written by female Ecuadorian writers in the twenty-first century. My analysis focuses on the overlapping themes found in these novels, as well as the differences that exist among them and that distinguish each of the individual novels. This dissertation also considers the latest trends in Ecuadorian fiction in the context of contemporary the Latinamerican literature.

In chapter one, I analyze Si tú mueres primero (2010) by Aminta Buenaño. This novel portrays a traditional society where social norms restrict the opportunities of personal self-realization. I use a feminist theoretical approach to analyze the way the characters navigate through society. In Chapter two I examine Body Time (2003) by Gabriela Alemán using a multidisciplinary approach. This book is a detective story that employs a neopolicial literary style to present the cultural experiences of a group of Latino immigrants living in New Orleans. Chapter three is an analysis of Mariana Carcelén, una historia en el estrado (2007) by Tania Roura. This book discusses the patriarchal elements of Ecuadorian society during the war of independence using a variety of female voices. The main objective of the novel is to question the official history of the country. In chapter four I examine two novels, Las alas de la soledad (2012) by Lucrecia Maldonado and El día de ayer (2007) by Edna Iturralde. These novels represent the boom of literature for children and young adults, a new trend in Ecuadorian narrative.

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