Date of Award


Degree Name

Doctor of Education


Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology

First Advisor

Dr. John Geisler

Second Advisor

Dr. Michael Bahr

Third Advisor

Dr. Malcom Robertson


This study investigated the relationship between the use of homework assignments in counseling and perceived counselor characteristics. An analog design was used with 60 introductory psychology students serving as subjects. One of two video taped counseling vignettes was presented to the two subject groups. The counselor depicted in the control group tape did not use homework assignments, while homework assignments were used by the counselor depicted in the treatment group tape.

After viewing the one of the two tapes the subjects completed the Counselor Evaluation Scale (CES) and the Counselor Rating Form-Short (CRF-S) to provide ratings of each of the two counselors on the dimensions of effectiveness, expertness, attractivenes and trustworthiness.

Evaluation of group mean differences using independent sample t-tests indicated no significant differences between group mean scores at the .05 level of significance.

Access Setting

Dissertation-Open Access