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Doctor of Education


Educational Leadership

First Advisor

Dr. Patrick M. Jenlink

Second Advisor

Dr. Patricia First

Third Advisor

Dr. Robert Cavanaugh


This study sought to measure the relationship between teacher attitude and involvement in staff development. It was conducted as a follow-up to a recent implementation and audit of educational standards in the state of Wisconsin and focused upon the results of Standard B for Staff Development. The study compared the attitudes of teachers based upon their involvement in various levels of staff development, which were determined through the audit process.

Previous literature described in the report focused upon the background of state educational standards as well as previous studies which attempted to assess employee attitudes and staff development. In both areas there was considerable latitude in the impact of state standards on educational reform as well as in the relationship between staff development and employee attitude.

The design of the study called for tw o samples and represented teachers who were employed in school districts with exemplary programs for staff development as well as teachers from districts with nonexemplary programs for staff development. Both groups were similar in that an equal proportion of elementary, middle, and secondary teachers were selected from districts of various sizes. The groups were compared against each other using a survey instrument designed to measure teachers' attitudes toward educational issues. W ith the exception of a subscore for professionalism among elementary teachers, the overall results of the study indicated no significant difference in the survey's total scores among teachers from districts with exemplary and nonexemplary programs for staff development.

Recommendations which follow discussion of the results include a replication of the study with perhaps several other survey instruments, a reexamination of the criteria used during the standards audit process, and a more narrow scope among the districts being compared.

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