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Doctor of Education


Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology

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Dr. John Geisler

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Dr. Michele Burnette

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Dr. Alan Hovestadt


The clinical practice of assessing sex offenders was the focus of this study. Using a pretest-posttest, nonrandomized control-group design, the research compared two groups of incarcerated sex offenders. The study investigated whether or not a one-hour assessment inter— view, conducted by prison psychologists, reduced denial and increased self-disclosure. Also the study investigated whether both groups differed on the basis of the sex deviance patterns of rape, pedophilia, and exhibitionism .

The study's independent variable was the one-hour interview. The dependent variable was the Multiphasic Sex Inventory (MSI): a 300-item true/false inventory administered to sex offenders after discovery (Nichols and Molinder, 1984). To check for group nonequivalence, subjects filled out a life history questionnaire.

Seventy-three experimental and 63 control group subjects were compared on the MSI using a one-way analysis of covariance. The MSI Lie Scales and Sex Deviance Pattern Scales revealed 79 subjects dishonest about their sexual deviance and 26 suppressing their deviant sexual interests.

Only the MSI Rape Lie Scale produced a statistically significant result at the .025 confidence level. However with just a 1.55 difference in adjusted posttest means, no treatment effect was claimed. Therefore, the hypothesis that the Therapy Review Board interview would reduce denial and increase disclosure was not sustained.

Also, no change was found in subject willingness to admit atypical sexual behaviors or sexual dysfunction. Fifty-nine subjects did acknowledge a need for accurate informaton about sex. Information on the MSI Sex History reconfirmed data on the life history questionnaire.

The study also reviewed interview strategics when evaluating sex offenders. The creation of a true/false inventory that assesses eight forms of sex offender denial is also proposed.

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