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Doctor of Education


Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology

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Dr. Robert L. Betz

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Dr. Joseph Morris

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Dr. Robert Brashear


Using the Category and Regression Trees (CART) analysis, some correlative distinctions were detected, but there were no significant differences found in the hypothesized directions concerning the relationships among the three main variables of the study.

For the validation, the DGW instrument was field tested with mature Christian leaders, students from a community college, a Christian liberal arts college, and an Evangelical seminary. The items on mature discernment scale of the DGW were validated, and using multiple comparisons, expected significant differences were found between the two college groups and the seminary students on both the mature discernment subscale and the supernatural subscale of the DGW.

Field testing for the GSHF with seminary and Christian college students provided moderate correlation coefficients in the assessment of the subjects' ability to identify the way they reconcile divine sovereignty and human freedom.

It was expected that a high level of discernment in decision making would be associated with those of moderately internal locus of control. In conclusion, one's level of mature discernment did not correlate significantly with one's perception of personal control.

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