Date of Award


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Doctor of Philosophy



First Advisor

Dr. Dale M Brethower


Organizations today need effective and efficient total organizational change strategies in order to ensure both short- and long-term organizational health. As a result of an organization being a multi-dimensional entity, the ingredients for its change strategy must necessarily be representative of all its dimensions such as business management, information system, behavior analysis, behavioral systems analysis, total quality management and statistical process control techniques. Those ingredients of a comprehensive change strategy exist but have not been put together into a totally integrated package so far. In the present study, a fully-integrated organizational change strategy was systematically employed with the goal of implementing the strategic plans of an organization while maintaining or improving present operations in a value added approach as opposed to a cost-cutting approach.

These theories and techniques were systematically implemented at the organizational level, the sub-unit or team level, and the individual level, and with ad hoc problem solving teams. A simple, yet effective performance management system was developed for implementation. This framework included goal-setting, establishing a simple organizational structure, implementing performance measurement and feedback systems, and ensuring that the reward systems were in place to maintain performance aligned with the pre-set goals.

A six-year study was conducted and positive results were obtained in terms of strategic plan implementations, operational, sub-unit and individual performance improvement and with the ad hoc problem solving teams. All results presented demonstrated a strong maintenance effect. AB type, case study designs were employed for each implementation within the study. This design was selected as the most effective type given the dual nature of the study, (a) to meet the needs of the organization, and (b) to meet the needs of the scientific community.

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Dissertation-Open Access