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Doctor of Education


Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology

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Dr. Beverly A. Belson


The purpose of the study was to determine if a relationship existed between reading ability, writing ability, math ability, study skills, age and gender and first semester grade point average of Glen Oaks Community College students. A secondary purpose was to determine if these variables acting together could predict student academic success.

The subjects were 374 full and part time students matriculating at Glen Oaks for the fall semester, 1988. The ASSET instrument was used to measure basic skills and study skills. It was administered at orientation sessions in August and September prior to enrollment. Pearson product moment correlation coefficients were computed to assess the relationships between the independent variables of reading, writing, math, study skills and age and the criterion variable of first semester grade point average. The t-test for determining differences in sample means was used to assess differences between male and female groups on grade point averages.

The results of the study indicated a positive and statistically significant but low relationship between reading ability, study skills, age and gender and first semester grade point average. There was no support for either a relationship between writing ability and grade point average or math ability and grade point average. In addition, the simultaneous effect of all variables could only account for 10% of the variance of grade point average. Results indicate that females do better academically than males and that older students do better than younger students.

It was concluded that age, gender, study skills and reading are related to academic success at Glen Oaks Community College but less so than at other community colleges where similar research has been conducted. It may be that the network of academic support systems at Glen Oaks provides an opportunity for students weak in basic skills to achieve success. Glen Oaks has a system of support which includes assessment, advisement, placement, remedial and developmental courses, tutoring, a learning center, a special needs advocate, supplemental instruction, success seminars and a monitoring system for attendance.

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