Date of Award


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Doctor of Philosophy



First Advisor

Dr. Jochanan Stenesh

Second Advisor

Dr. Michael E. Mc Carville

Third Advisor

Dr. Dean W. Cooke

Fourth Advisor

Dr. J. Lindsley Foote


The in vitro production of thymine dimer (TT) in DNA, isolated from the mesophile (B. licheniformis) and the thermophile (B. stearothermophilus), was carried out by UV irradiation (254 nm) at three different temperatures (35, 45, and 55(DEGREES)C). The production of TT from the thermophilic DNA was significantly higher than that from the mesophilic DNA. This was the case at all three irradiation temperatures. The increase in TT production per 10(DEGREES)C increase in irradiation temperature was four times higher for the thermophile than that for the mesophile. It was concluded that the DNA from the thermophile was photochemically less stable than that from the mesophile, even though the DNA of the thermophile was more heat stable than that of the mesophile.

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Dissertation-Open Access

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Biochemistry Commons