Date of Award


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy



First Advisor

Dr. Chris Koronakos

Second Advisor

Dr. David Lyon

Third Advisor

Dr. Malcolm Robertson


This study examined the methodological feasibility of administering a behavioral assessment system on coaching behaviors under actual collegiate hockey game conditions. The observation system was found to be feasible and accurate with a .866 percentage of inter-rater agreement across all 10 behavior categories coded over 300 reliability observation minutes. The predominant coaching behaviors observed over 11 complete games were found to be general technical instruction (44.3%), general encouragement (21.4%), and organization (14.2%). Reinforcement (4.51%) and punishment (3.56%) coaching behavior rates were found to be unexpectedly low. Reinforcement was found to be inversely related to punishment but positively related to encouragement. Punishment was found to be positively related to keeping control and organization. The players tended to rate their overall athletic experience as positive subsequent to a winning season. The data tended to support a relationship between winning and player-coach agreement on coaching performance variables. The data also tended to support a relationship between player-observer agreement on coaching behaviors. No support was found for a relationship between coach-observer agreement on coaching behavior rates. Player performance data were tabulated but were not related to coaching behaviors because these data could not be effectively isolated from other potential sources of behavioral control.

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Dissertation-Open Access