Date of Award


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Doctor of Philosophy


Educational Leadership, Research and Technology

First Advisor

Dr. Joseph Kretovics

Second Advisor

Dr. Patricia Reeves

Third Advisor

Dr. Mattie Hampton


Teacher evaluation, teacher performance, performance evaluation, multidimensional, framework, effective teacher


Traditional teacher evaluation systems have little to no impact on changing teacher behavior or improving student achievement. Subsequently, studies and reports show the lack of and need for multidimensional teacher evaluation system. This deficiency and need is especially evident in Michigan due to the state's recent legislative mandate that their evaluation system must include multiple data as measures of educator effectiveness.

The purpose of this study is to investigate and describe how two Michigan public schools are attempting to build a multidimensional teacher evaluation system that includes the new Michigan mandate to incorporate evidence of student learning as a significant element in teacher performance review systems.

This study makes use of a qualitative case study design that includes the following sources: interviews of school personnel, review of archival documents and teacher surveys, and observations of the implementation process. The investigation answers five research questions: What strategies and processes are used by these schools in Michigan to build research-supported multidimensional teacher evaluation systems based on Charlotte Danielson's Framework for Teaching? How are schools addressing each of Danielson's four domains of teacher practice? What resources are utilized to implement a multidimensional teacher evaluation system? What challenges do schools face in implementing a multidimensional teacher evaluation system and how are they addressed? What evidences exist that the teacher evaluation system is resulting in positive educational outcomes?

National and state reports acknowledge that there are few comprehensive models that exist in meeting Michigan's mandate to build a rigorous, transparent, and fair performance evaluation system. This research study addresses the need to identify and describe promising practices so that it will assist state policy makers, local districts, and individual schools to assess their current evaluation practices in order to determine possible strategies for improvement.

An investment to provide all students with a quality education, which includes ensuring that they are taught by a highly effective teachers, has the potential to positively transform the lives of students and communities.

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Dissertation-Open Access