Date of Award


Degree Name

Doctor of Education


Educational Leadership

First Advisor

Dr. Thomas Ryan

Second Advisor

Dr. Dorothy Bladt

Third Advisor

Dr. Edsel Erickson

Fourth Advisor

Dr. Conrad Katzenmeyer


This is a report of a case study, in the anthropological tradition of an employer-sponsored community coordinated child care program. The program is located in a midwest community of 20,000. Program start up and functioning is described. Also reported are the responses and rationales of participating companies and the impact of the service on child care in the community. The employer-sponsored child care information and referral consortium, a cost effective employee benefit for corporations, gave the Community Coordinated Child Care agency financial stability. The program provided incentive and staff to train family day care providers and an early childhood education specialist who visited provider's homes at six month intervals to assess performance. The number of working parents receiving assistance in finding child care increased from approximately 100 to over 700. The research study leads to suggestions for further research related to growth of the program, its applicability in other settings, and its role in relationship to the State Department of Social Services.


Fifth Advisor: Dr. James Sanders

Access Setting

Dissertation-Open Access