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Doctor of Education


Counseling and Personnel

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Dr. Paul Griffeth

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Dr. Beverly Belson

Third Advisor

Dr. Robert Brashear


The purpose of this study was to determine the student services needs of the adult evening students on regional campuses in the Purdue University and Indiana University regional campus systems. After reviewing current literature, a sample of part-time adult evening students from two of the campuses and a sample of student services professionals from all of the regional campuses in the two systems were surveyed.

The study samples were selected from the population of students who were twenty-five years of age or older and who enrolled in courses which met after 5 p.m. during the fall semester of 1980. The student services professionals sample consisted of all members of the student services staffs as listed by the chief student services officer on the nine regional campuses in the two systems.

The students were surveyed with a modified Delphi technique with two rounds. The professionals were surveyed with a Delphi process with three rounds. In the first round of each survey, the participants were asked to list services which were needed by the adult evening students. In the second round, the students were asked to rate the services compiled in the first round on the basis of their intent to use the services. In the second and third rounds, the professionals were asked to rate the same services on the basis of their perceived student need for the services.

Major findings and conclusions were: (a) adult evening students were likely to use services which would help them adjust to the academic milieu or which would aid them in developing personal identity and direction. (b) a minimal program for adult evening students should include services such as academic advising, financial aid counseling, remedial programs and orientation programs which will help the beginning or re-entry student adjust to academic demands. (c) student services staffs should serve as advocates for adult evening students to obtain convenience services such as evening library and bookstore hours. (d) student services professionals indicated that they were aware of adult student needs. (e) there was a difference in the student services needs of adult male and female evening students.

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Dissertation-Open Access