Becoming Ebony: Poems

Date of Award


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy



First Advisor

Dr. Gwen Etter-Lewis

Second Advisor

Dr. Jaimy Gordon

Third Advisor

Dr. John Saillant

Fourth Advisor

Dr. Lawrence T. Potter Jr.


Becoming Ebony: Poems is a culmination of four years of doctoral studies in Creative Writing. It is mostly autobiographical, and explores the experiences of my triple heritage as an African, a woman, and an immigrant. These poems tell the story of my life in the United States now, and in my home of origin, Liberia, before, during, and after the Liberian Civil War. The new book is different from my first book of poems, Before The Palm Could Bloom, by what I believe is a new voice and a new focus. Becoming Ebony, unlike Before The Palm Could Bloom: Poems of Africa, is about a woman who has grown from childhood into adulthood as a result of much suffering.

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