The Impact of Values and Gender on Advising Satisfaction and Persistence of African Americans at Predominantly White Universities

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Doctor of Education


Teaching, Learning, and Leadership

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Dr. Mary Anne Bunda

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Dr. Diane Swartz

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Dr. Donald Thompson


The impact of advising and values on the persistence of African American sophomores at predominantly white institutions was the focus of this study. Using Vincent Tinto's (1987) Institutional Departure Model as a theoretical framework, six Doctoral I, Mid-American Conference institutions were targeted for this study. However, the number of participating institutions was reduced from six to four, because two of the institutions could not assist with the identification of a sample.

During the 1999–00 academic year, 130 respondents completed a 28-item questionnaire. Twenty-four items allowed respondents to rate aspects of their advising experience; 1 item allowed respondents to select extrinsic and/or intrinsic reasons for attending college; 1 item allowed respondents to indicate, within .50 of a grade point, their cumulative GPA; another item asked students to indicate their gender; and the last item asked respondents to indicate whether or not they intended to enroll during the next academic year.

Based upon responses, participants were categorized according to gender (female/male) and values (extrinsic/intrinsic). Advising satisfaction was compared between genders, and between value groups (extrinsic/intrinsic). Further analysis of values determined whether or not a relationship existed between values and persistence, as well as values and GPA.

Five hypotheses were tested. However, the statistical analysis indicated support for only one of the hypotheses. The study found that respondents with extrinsic values were more likely than respondents with intrinsic values to report higher grade point averages.

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