The Effect of a Student Assistance Program on the Quality-of-Life of Senior High School Students

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Doctor of Education


Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology

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Dr. Robert L. Betz

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Dr. Joseph Morris

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Dr. Malcolm Robertson


The purpose of the present study was to determine the effects of a student assistance program on alcohol and drug taking behavior and other quality-of-life variables among selected junior and senior male. Michigan high school students who were equally divided into one experimental and three control groups. One type of treatment was investigated; specifically the Youth Education Services (YES) Program.

Prior to treatment, data on the experimental group and control group 1 were obtained using the Quality-of-Life Survey (QOLS). The QOLS was previously developed and validated for the specific treatment used in the investigation. The QOLS consists of 309 items loading into factors of alcohol and drug taking behavior, productivity, coping skills, legal involvement, interpersonal relationships, and overall success.

The QOLS was administered to the experimental and control group prior to treatment. Data on the QOLS were not collected a priori from control groups 2 and 3 allowing these groups to act as an investigation of the effects of pretest instrumentation. Treatment was provided to the experimental group and control group 2 with control group 1 and 3 acting as controls for the effects of treatment. All groups were posttested with the QOLS. The data were analyzed for statistically significant differences using ANOVA's with a Solomon Four-Group Design. Results indicate statistical significance at the P = $

It was concluded that SAP treatment does have a significant effect on the factors of alcohol and drug taking behavior, legal involvement and overall success among junior and senior male, Michigan high school students. It was also concluded that treatment does not have an effect on the factors of productivity, coping skills and interpersonal relationships. Recommendations for future research on the effectiveness of student assistance program were discussed.

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