Date of Award


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology

First Advisor

Dr. Joseph R. Morris

Second Advisor

Dr. Norman M. Kiracofe

Third Advisor

Dr. C. Dennis Simpson


The present study replicated Baysden's (2002) multi-component model and tested its generalizability on a homogeneous demographic group. This study compared international college students from India (n 0 244) and U.S. student participants (n 0 393) on their adaptation to college, their opinions about mental illness, and their attitudes regarding their professional psychological help-seeking behavior. A structural regression model was utilized to examine if student origin influenced opinions about mental illness, student adaptation to college, and attitudes towards seeking professional psychological help. /// The findings of this project supported Baysden's (2002) multi-component model to understanding international students' use of counseling. More specifically, opinions about mental illness, attitudes toward seeking professional psychological help, and adaptation to college, significantly predicted an international student's use of counseling as compared to U.S. citizen students. Findings also supported Baysden's (2002) results that students indicating negative opinions about mental illness also reported negative attitudes toward seeking professional counseling help. Furthermore, college students indicating negative opinions about mental illness reported having a higher level of difficulty in adjusting to college than did students indicating less negative opinions about mental illness. College students with positive attitudes toward seeking professional counseling help indicated a significantly better adjustment to college. /// One unexpected finding was that adaptation to college and attitudes toward seeking professional counseling help were not significant predictors in determining U.S. college students' use of counseling but they were for international college students.

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Dissertation-Open Access