Gender Responsive Treatment For Females With Substance Use Disorders


Brooke Buys

Date of Award


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


Interdisciplinary Health Sciences

First Advisor

Jennifer Harrison, Ph.D.

Second Advisor

Lisa Baker Ph.D.

Third Advisor

Dan Renstrom, LMSW

Fourth Advisor

Scott Gaynor, Ph.D.


Addiction, female, gender, holistic, trauma, treatment


The proposed descriptive mixed-methods study will compare female-identifying individuals who are receiving gender-specific substance use disorder treatment in an outpatient setting with female-identifying individuals who are receiving treatment as usual in an outpatient setting, using convenience community samples. Participants will initially be asked to an online survey to better understand variables of interest including substance use history, mental health history, treatment history, and trauma history to better understand how gender has interacted with their experience with substance use, treatment, and recovery services. It is the hope of this study to better understand the needs of women in substance use treatment and how they may differ from men. This research will result in an improved understanding of interventions tailored for women to address the risks related to substance use disorders.

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Dissertation-Abstract Only

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