Date of Award


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Doctor of Philosophy



First Advisor

Jessica E. Van Stratton, Ph.D.

Second Advisor

Stephanie M. Peterson, Ph.D.

Third Advisor

Ron Van Houten, Ph.D.

Fourth Advisor

Elian Aljadeff, Ph.D.


Classroom management, performance feedback, social skills, teacher training, training package, video modelling


To address the concerning implications of inadequate teacher preparation and training in using classroom management, the literature highlights several steps training programs can take. Namely, this includes supplementing training curricula with dedicated courses on evidence-based classroom management practices and providing teachers with performance feedback following guided practice opportunities (Stevenson et al.,2020). Videos which have been used as an instructional tool in teacher education for several decades (Ciani et al., 2021; van Es & Sherin, 2006), have been incorporated as a component in classroom management teacher trainings with positive outcomes (Wilkinson et al., 2020), and feedback has been established as an evidence-based training practice (Gravina et al., 2018; Sleiman et al., 2020). The present study evaluated the impact of a video model and feedback training package on participants’ (n = 10) implementation accuracy of a classroom management strategy. Participants’ performance was measured in role-plays following a single exposure to video models and after receiving feedback. Although participants improved following a single exposure to video models, this was not to the established criteria and did not maintain. After receiving feedback, eight participants met criteria and in a no feedback probe, and performed with 97% accuracy or higher.

Consistent with previous studies illustrating the benefits of supplementing video models with feedback (e.g., Digennaro-Reed et al., 2010), findings from the current study support the use of these components as a training package for using a classroom management strategy. Future studies that evaluate participants’ performance in school settings, measure students’ behavior, and analyze costs and benefits of variables such as multiple exposures to video models and different modalities for feedback delivery can improve the utility of the training and the benefits of the classroom management strategy for teachers and students.

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Dissertation-Open Access