Vestibular Functioning and Migraines: Comparing Those with and Without Vertigo

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Doctor of Philosophy


Interdisciplinary Health Sciences

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Dr. Amy B. Curtis

Second Advisor

Dr. Eric Vangsnes

Third Advisor

Dr. Peggy Trueblood


The purpose of this three-paper dissertation was to compare migrainous vertigo (MV) and migraine without vertigo (MOV) to determine if there were any differences in body functioning and structure, activities and participation as defined by the World Health Organization's International Classification of Functioning. Understanding these differences may assist in planning vestibular rehabilitation assessment and treatment.

The first paper was a pilot study that examined body functioning and structure (vestibular ocular reflex (VOR) and vestibular spinal reflex (VSR)), and activities (gait) in those with MV (n=10) and MOV (n=10) during a nonmigrainous period. The gaze stabilization test (GST) and the dynamic visual acuity test (DVA) were used to determine the VOR, the sensory organization test (SOT) and head shake sensory organization test (HS-SOT) were used for the VSR and the functional gait assessment (FGA) to examine activities. There were no differences found in VOR and VSR between the groups, but the MV group scored worse on the FGA (p<.003).

The second paper examined body function and structure (VOR and VSR), and activities (gait) in those with MV (n=22) and MOV (n=22) compared to a control group (n=22) while nonmigrainous. Differences were found between the groups for measures of the VOR and activities. The control group scored statistically better on the GST in pitch than both the MOV and MV group combined (p

The third paper compared MV (n=19) and MOV(n=19) groups on participation as measured by the Vestibular Disorders Activities of Daily Living (VADL), a quality of life (QOL) assessment, during both a nonmigrainous and migrainous period. The groups did not differ from each other during a nonmigrainous period, but the MV group reported lower QOL during a migrainous period(p


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