ln the Gorge

Date of Award


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy



First Advisor

Dr. William Olsen

Second Advisor

Dr. Nancy Eimers

Third Advisor

Dr. Nicolas Witschi

Fourth Advisor

Dr. Jeffrey Angles


Poetry, ecopoetry


In the Gorge is a collection of poems in a variety of forms, including rhymed, metrical lyrics; short, elliptical lyrics; a series of linked meditations that use space on the page as a structural element; and three long poems, each with different line lengths, strophe shapes, and means of charging language with meaning. Poems in the collection attempt to evoke attention to the particularity of objects of the world. They are poems of presence, as much as possible. They also explore the question: How is it possible to dwell in nature in a global, technological society? These poems are in direct conversation with the tradition of English language ecological writing, including that of authors identified with the recent ecopoetry and ecocriticism movements.

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