Date of Award


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy



First Advisor

Dr. Sherine O. Obare

Second Advisor

Dr. Ekkehard Sinn

Third Advisor

Dr. Andre Venter

Fourth Advisor

Dr. William Cobern


The development of synthetic procedures that produce nanoscale materials with controlled morphology is a significant area of investigation in nanotechnology. We have developed new synthetic procedures for fabrication of isotropic and/or anisotropic nanomaterials composed of palladium, ruthenium, nickel and alloys of palladium-ruthenium. The nanomaterials were fully characterized and were found to display unique size dependent properties. The electrochemical properties of isotropic palladium, ruthenium and palladium-ruthenium nanoparticles were investigated and the results showed that the particles were capable of charge storage and charge transfer on demand. Anisotropic palladium, ruthenium and palladium ruthenium nanoparticles were also fabricated and fully characterized. The nanoparticles display unique magnetic properties. We further investigated the surface modification of inherent magnetic nanoparticles. The particles were found to have a strong affinity toward biological cells but lacked toxicity toward the cells. The work is effective toward developing new methods for using nanoparticles for cell targeting.

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Dissertation-Open Access

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Chemistry Commons