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Doctor of Philosophy


Educational Leadership, Research and Technology

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Dr. Andrea L. Beach


Expert nurse clinicians who are transitioning into academic positions after successful clinical careers often find they are unprepared to assume their new educator roles. While nursing clinical expertise may be a necessary expectation, the knowledge is not sufficient to assume a nurse educator position. Novice nurse educators prepared with the essential qualifications and competencies associated with the specialty role of a nurse educator will be better able to transition into their new academic roles. This study identified essential entry-level nurse educators' competencies and qualifications as reported by nursing administrators of accredited pre-licensure nursing programs across the United States.

This study was conducted using a non-experimental survey design to examine nursing program administrators' perceptions of essential entry level qualifications and competencies to assume a full-time novice nurse educator position. Responses were categorized according to the type of academic institution housing the pre-licensure nursing program and their accreditation affiliation. A total of 374 nursing program administrators representing forty-eight states participated, resulting in a 44% response rate. The survey was divided into sections related to teaching role qualifications and teaching role competencies essential to a nurse educator position. Participants were asked to indicate their perceived minimum and preferred requirements for each of the items listed within the sections.

The results indicate position type and academic setting impact the required and preferred qualifications and competency levels expected of nurses in order to obtain entry-level teaching positions. Nurse educator profiles were established reflecting the qualifications and competencies required for non-tenure and tenure earning positions within each of the academic settings. The results may be used to inform nurse educator program developers as to the curricular requirements necessary to best prepare future academic nurse educators to assume their new roles. Novice nurse educators will find the information valuable as they transition into educator roles positioned to select the type of appointment and academic setting best suited to their individual competencies and qualifications. The results of this study may provide insight and direction for the future development of preparation programs needed to prepare a cadre of nurse educators nationally.

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Dissertation-Open Access