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Doctor of Philosophy



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Stuart Dybek

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Dr. Jaimy Gordon

Third Advisor

Richard Katrovas

Fourth Advisor

Robert Eversz


An American tourist is attacked by peasants, who suspect her of stealing infants to sell on a shadowy organ donation market. Several other attacks follow, prompting a travel advisory, which in turn causes tourists to flee the country, fracturing the already weak economy, and creating more chaos still. Meanwhile, death squads patrol the mountains to "disappear" anyone suspected of harboring sympathy for the rebels, and the usual assortment of criminals use any means available to make a buck. This is Guatemala, hardly a vacationer's paradise; yet several Americans have elected to remain in country amidst such turmoil.

Four Roads, a novel, follows these troubled souls as they stumble down their individual and interweaving paths, simultaneously seeking their elusive Grails and attempting to escape their pasts.

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Dissertation-Open Access

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Fiction Commons