Date of Award


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Doctor of Education


Educational Leadership, Research and Technology

First Advisor

Dr. Sue Poppink


Studies on school facility quality and its impact on student achievement have been conducted throughout the nation with varying results. Some studies conclude a significant relationship exists between facility condition and student achievement, while others refute this potential phenomenon. Much of the research concludes that not enough analyses have been conducted to make appropriate generalizations. This research study focused on the condition ofelementary schools in Michigan and utilized the Michigan Educational Assessment Program (M.E.A.P.) examinations in reading and mathematics at the third, fourth and fifth grade levels as the dependent variable to assess the relationship between building condition and student achievement. Three independent variables (socio-economic status, student density and median income) were used in addition to building condition to control for the other elements that are representative of the factors that comprise a student's education.

This research study defined the condition of elementary schools in Michigan, determined if any significant difference exists in building condition among the geographic regions of rural, urban and suburban using multiple definitions of building condition, analyzed the variance of student achievement attributed to building condition and defined what areas are in the greatest need of repair as identified by the respondents on the survey.

Key findings were that Michigan schools have buildings that are in definite need of repair and there are significant discrepancies in the quality of buildings among rural schools and its counterparts. In order to compare the three geographic areas in terms of building condition, an analysis of variance was employed for each building condition variable. Using a multiple regression technique, it was determined that building condition contributes very little to how studentsachieved on the reading and math M.E.A.P. examinations at the third, fourth and fifth grade levels. Finally, pie charts are presented by geographic region that describe the responses from the principals as to what features are in most need of repair.

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Dissertation-Open Access