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Doctor of Philosophy



First Advisor

Dr. Nancy Eimers

Second Advisor

Dr. Peter Northouse

Third Advisor

Dr. Daneen Wardrop

Fourth Advisor

Dr. Allen Webb


The temperate forest of lower Michigan grounds this collections of poems, The Laying On of Maples. While the title alludes to the healing power of nature, the work also explores her other powers manifested by storms, obscured by fog, and clarified through moments of unclouded illumination. Stewardship of the terrain (both literal and figurative) remains at the heart of the collection. Forests, rivers, lakes, flora and fauna are personal and archetypal. The poems, written in a variety of styles as demanded by the subject matter, and short prose pieces are from the perspective of an Inlander. The horizon is of no matter. Enclosed by trees, ruled by the distinct seasonality of the region, Inlanders can not escape the influence of nature on memory and the self. A lifetime of connections to place and both factual and arcane local knowledge commit the collection to the region without being merely regional.

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